S2 E5: Secrecy Loves Company

Avra and the gang are having a hard time trusting their new “friends” from Bluff. Everyone in this sleepy Alaska town seems to be hiding something, and it isn’t just that they’re cryptids. 


This is our last episode in the first half of season two, so we’ll be taking a break between this episode and the next. Be sure to join us on September 25th for episode six and subscribe so you don’t miss it! 


Created and Produced by Victoria Pereira 



Victoria Pereira as Avra 

Aubrey King as Francy 

Christina Rose Hargis as Lizzie 

Angelique Fustukjian as Shia 

Caroline Byrne as Sybil 

Amy Acevedo as Juliet 

Kyle Goss as Reese 

Lynn Pereira as Lucinda 

Marilyn Acevedo as Mrs. Weber 

Aidan Gibbs as Councilman Leask 


Theme Song: "Pink Night in Ohio" by Ryan Andersen 


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